Monday, October 30, 2006


Service Oriented Architecture , Web 2.0 are the latest buzz words in the industry today.

There is an excellent PPT on Thom Robbins blog which explains the same and relates it to the Dot Net Framework.

Expose: Make use of Dot net framework code webservices or make use of Biz talk to expose services.

Compose: Use Share point server 2007 & Biz talk server 2006 & MS Office Visio 2007 to compose the services.

Consume: Use Share point server 2007 / MS office / Office performance point server to consume the webservices.

I was recently playing with share point and was amazed to see that the infopath forms collect the data and the desitnation can be an outlook folder or an email.

Please download the SOA ppt from this link,

Also look at the future roadmap for Microsoft.

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