Sunday, October 29, 2006

Info Path 2007 - cool features and video

Infopath helps a developer to easily build forms applications within minutes and collect all the information and either link it to an outlook folder or in to Excel services or to xml destination. Infopath forms also work easily to integrate in to share point server.

The Infopath team blog is

There is an excellent video about Eric Richards and the info path team from microsoft.

Some cool features:
1) Infopath forms can be filled on the web, no need to have info path clients installed
2) Infopath forms work even on Firefox (not just IE)
3) Infopath forms can work offline, that is your form data is available offline you can save and fill your forms offline and submit it when you connect to internet,
4) You can fill forms in outlook
5) Round trips to database is avoided, client fills form and once data is consolidated is saved to server.
6) Totally based on xml and xpath
7) Infopath design tools are now available inside VS2005 IDE and you can drag and drop and code

Blog of Eric Richards -

Video URL:
Scobleizer the channel 9 Video guy, meets the infopath development team in microsoft and shows the preview features in this 30 minute cool video.

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