Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks # 1 : Navigate To


  • With Visual Studio 2010 there is a new feature available called “Navigate To”.
  • Using “Navigate to”, you can search for a file name (or) object name (or) method name in your entire solution.
  • Shortcut key to invoke this is => Press Ctrl key and “,” key to bring up the dialog (like shown below), then start typing your search term and it will auto-fill.



  • In the above picture we can see that it lists filenames that start with “Default” like “Default.aspx” & their entire path location as well as it shows all the classes which have “Default” in their name like example “_default” and also it shows all properties “UseDefaultCredentials”.
  • Also if we click on the search result row, it shows the exact file name and the line number.
  • This is very useful to search in solutions which have lots of projects and files.
  • If you are lazy to type, click on the text and press “Ctrl” and “,” key and it even auto-fills the search text. (like shown below in this image).




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