Saturday, March 20, 2010

Microsoft Application Architecture – Demystified….


We can learn syntax by reading a book but how does someone learn good practices & solid architecture and design.

The question is answered, there is a very good bible I would say of architecture which Microsoft has released and it is a pdf file that can be download for free (good things in life are always free !!!) from this url given below,

Download PDF here:

This book is awesome, it covers most of the jargons, the approaches, the design patterns to use in different layers.


This book explains the following,

  • Domain driven design,
  • Layered architecture,
  • Service – Oriented architecture,
  • Rich Client application design,
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) design,
  • Presentation / Service / Business / Data Layer Guidelines,
  • Talks about REST – Representational State Transfer
  • Talks about workflow, messaging & cloud.

This is really an awesome book, a must read for any developer.

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