Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ubuntu – Linux for Human Beings !!!


I wanted an OS where I can download files from the net without the worries of malware or virus and I came upon “Ubuntu”. They had a very nice caption - “Linux for Human Beings”. 

I have prior experience working in Caldera Open Linux & Red Hat, but somehow I got drifted & now landed on Microsoft world.   I have seen my peers type very fast on terminal shell or on vi editor (especially kicha & deepak) and always wondered how they can keep staring at a black and white console without any graphics for the entire day.  But distributions have changed a lot, no need to mount/unmount devices, it has become like windows (plug & play) and Ubuntu really rocks, it has the similarity to its windows counterparts and at the same time provides the security of a linux distribution.

Definitely give it a try.


  1. You can download Ubuntu from here Downbload Ubuntu 9.10
  2. Also there is “Google Chrome” , “Transmission Bit Torrent Client” and lots of applications.
  3. And entire thing runs great even on just 512 MB Ram on my VM.
  4. What more can one ask for !!!!

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