Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sharepoint developer

What i really liked about microsoft technologies is the availability of learning material, forum help, technical support, including videos, how-to's etc which is relatively less for other technologies.

Microsoft should really be appreciated in the extent of materials they provide for developers to learn their technologies.

What if you do not have the required infrastructure or software or licenses to install their stuff to learn - dont worry they have online hands on labs, all you need is a internet connection, and you can join a lab and login to a virtual server and you can configure and learn their stuff (only thing is you need a big monitor like i have at home, as once you are in a test lab, there are test instructions to read as well as to see the server desktop so it is kind of tough to do on a normal monitor).

I recently came across this excellent site which provides all the necessary material for a share point developer.

It has quick start papers, hands on labs and web casts to learn developing using sharepoint.

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