Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sql Server 2008 Code named Katmai

Sql Server 7.0 followed by Sql Server 2000 followed by Sql Server 2005 and the next release is Sql Server 2008 or code name "Katmai".

If you have been working on Sql Server 2005 you will understand how robust it is and the set of all new features it has compared to 2000, the next release katmai is adding on to sql 2005.

The good news is, it is adding to Sql 2005 and not like totally replacing it. Thank god or we got to learn a whole new set of stuff again :(

"Microsoft officials listed a number of overarching goals for SQL Server "Katmai" such as tighter integration with the 2007 Microsoft Office system. In addition, the release will make good on the parting pledge of Paul Flessner, former Microsoft senior vice president of the Data Storage and Platform Division, to go beyond relational data. SQL Server "Katmai" will enable users to manage any data type, including relational data, documents, geographic information and XML, company officials said.

In addition, the new version of the data management and analysis platform provides an integrated development environment with Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET Framework that will accelerate development of new applications with an increased level of data abstraction as well as permit developers to synchronize data from virtually any device into the central data store, company officials said. "

If you are interested to know more about katmai read about it here,

Importance is being given to BI and integration with office 2007 and .Net 3.0

May be Microsoft should take it a little bit slower, they are too rapid. We are still riding on top of your car and if you go so fast we may take a deadly fall.

I know a lot of clients still use Sql Server 2000 and are still worried about even upgrading to Sql Server 2005.

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