Friday, November 17, 2006

101 code samples for VS Dot net IDE 2005

One great thing about being and working in microsoft technologies is all that pampering you get via code samples, the videos, the code samples, if not there are usergroups and forums.

There is no need to break our heads for doing anything as some other person has already done something for you.

In that list, here is a list of 101 code samples for VS Dot net IDE 2005

Base Class Libraries - Group 1 Samples
The Base Class Library Group 1 samples show how to use the classes in the namespaces System.Net, System.RegEx, System.Transaction, System.Console and more. Samples include:

  • Changing ACL (Access Control Lists) on files
  • Console Enhancements including buffer control, simple animations and colors
  • Downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Network Programming including PING, UDP, and TCP network statistics
  • Using the new Stopwatch class to measure time
  • Compressing and decompressing files in the GZip format
  • Retrieving Drive Information
  • Using Generic Collections
  • Creating Regular Expressions to parse text

Base Class Libraries - Group 2 Samples
The Base Class Library Group 2 samples show how to use the new classes and methods in the namespaces System.Net.Cache, System.Runtime.InteropServices, System.Net.Sockets.Socket and more. Samples include:

  • Building a tracing infrastructure to track errors and application performance
  • Controlling cache policies with the new System.Net.Cache namespace
  • Creating a process viewer
  • Creating a Windows service manager
  • Using the data protection API
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Using platform invoke to access legacy or unmanaged code from within managed code
  • Building in support for localization
  • Using the NGEN utility
  • Using the new SecureString class
  • Using new socket class methods
  • Using serial ports with the new Port class
  • Working with the file system
  • Working with threads to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Building a simple web server with HTTPListener

Web Development Samples
The Web Development samples show how to use some of the new features of ASP.NET 2.0.

Windows Forms Samples
The Windows Forms samples show how to use some of the new functionality available to developers building desktop applications.

Visual Studio Tools for Office Samples
The Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) samples show how to add functionality to Office applications like Word, Excel, InfoPath, and Outlook using the .NET framework and C# or Visual Basic.

Tablet PC Samples
The Tablet PC samples show how to create ink-enabled applications that utilize the power handwritten input with Tablet and Ultra Mobile Personal Computers.

.NET Compact Framework Samples
The .NET Compact Framework samples show how to use the new functionality found in Windows Mobile 5.0.

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